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Secure your dream scholarship, fellowship, internship, or talent accelerator effortlessly, and advance towards your professional goals with applybetter ™

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We optimize your application so you have a better chance of being considered and getting your foot in the door.

The average application time is 48 hours. We incorporate processes that helps you apply in a fraction of the time. Increase the number of applications you can send over a time period. Go from applying to like 5 roles in a week to over 50.

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Simplify your job search
with applybetter ™

Discover how applybetter ™ can help you land your dream job with ease.

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Setup your account
Create an account on applybetter ™, upload your professional details to train your AI assistant and draft your resume.
Role Matching
Once training is complete, your AI assistant finds new roles and opportunities that match your profile.
ApplyBetter auto-applies to jobs on your behalf with personalized messages, resumes, and cover letters.
Top Companies
Find top companies with the right culture fit, experience requirements, and compensation range.
Opportunity Evaluation
Evaluate how well you fit an opportunity based on criteria, and track your applications in one place.
Two-Way Updates
Sync your inbox, calendar, and drive to get real-time updates during the application cycle.

A better guide

Browse through our directory of super helpful resources and guides to help you ace your career goals

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Visibility in the Workplace

This means being recognized for your work efforts and achievements by leaders. High visibility leads to promotions, raises, and career growth opportunities.

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Overcoming the Fear of Career Change

Changing careers is daunting but often necessary for growth and fulfillment. Common fears include ageism, sunk costs, restarting from scratch, lack of time, and uncertainty.

Prepare better

Are you tired of navigating through intense competition and complex application processes just to secure your dream opportunities?.

With numerous competitors vying for the same internships, scholarships, or career openings, are you feeling the pressure to submit standout applications before looming deadlines pass by?
  • 🔥 New release

    Resume & CV Generator

    Our cutting-edge Document Generator simplifies and streamlines the application process by automatically creating professional, error-free documents tailored to each opportunity. Say goodbye to tedious formatting and hello to a seamless application experience.

    Apply better document generator
  • AI Career Application

    Meet your personal AI Career Application Assistant, designed to guide you through every step of the application journey. From identifying the best opportunities to crafting personalised application strategies, our AI empowers you to make a lasting impression and stand out in a competitive field.

    Apply better career score
  • AI Assisted
    submissions and answers

    Say farewell to writer's block with our AI Assisted Application Answers feature. Access a repository of proven responses and tailor them to your unique strengths and experiences, ensuring that your applications resonate with recruiters and selection committees. Let AI elevate your submissions and set you apart from the crowd.

    Apply better AI assisted answer Generator

Designed for better submissions

One central location to track all your applications, setup autopilot to automatically apply to roles you re qualified for, with team dashboards for group submissions to accelerators.

  • Application Tracker

    Sync your email, calendar and drive for real-time updates, so you can proactively keep track of each application, ensuring you never miss an important update or opportunity.

    Apply better inbox manager
  • Dynamic Resumes

    Showcase your strengths and unique skill sets in a dynamic way to suit your application. Your skill potential is not limited, so you resume should not.

    Apply better team applications